My goal is to make the process of buying, selling, or owning a Fishing & Hunting resort-lodge efficient, enjoyable and rewarding for you.  See what my clients have said about my real estate services...




I assume when being paid for providing a service, that is the reward! So I have very seldom written an appreciation letter and then only when someone has gone above and beyond expectations.

Working with you is one of those rare times I feel compelled to express my appreciation for providing beyond expectation!

When first contacting you I wondered how wise of a decision it would be, when it seemed like a lot to pay just to get listed on your site and forgotten about, unless someone "stumbles" along. But at that point what choice do I have.. .so I did it. Little did I know, or expect the time and effort you would put in selling my property. And also the enormous assistance you provided from getting potential buyers, all the way to selling it in the end.

For all the years we have in the tourist lodge business, when approached by potential customers looking for a "deal", I have always said "cheaper is not always better" That said, there are cheaper ways to try to sell a lodge and if successful selling that way, it can cost big time down the road if it's not done right. It's not fun learning that the hard way as so many have.

You earned every penny of what it cost me, not to mention the stress it took off of not having to deal with all the "lookers and dreamers' compared to serious buyers. And with not having to deal with every little detail myself. Looking back there was a big difference from how little I was expecting and what great service and professionalism you provided.

We have been in the tourist lodge business for over 30 years and have owned 3 lodges. I would have no problem recommending your service or used as a reference if needed for future clients.

Jim and Gail Weinkauf